Our Meetings

The Monday evening group is lively and fun.

Laughter is high on the agenda, and discussions range far and wide over the tea and biccy’s.

It is all quite informal. Members volunteer to lead the group in a workshop on alternate weeks. These workshops can be simple (ie asking the group to write something around a given sentence), or quite complicated, depending on the leader.The aim is always the same, however, to encourage us to write creatively.

The interim week is kept for reading our work to each other. This may be something inspired by one of the workshops, or a piece of prose or some poems that we have been working on. The Group is always supportive of the reader, sometimes offering constructive criticism where it may be helpful, but always listening with respect and hoping to learn from each others input. The only criteria attendant upon members is that they keep one eye on the clock, so that everybody gets a chance to read their work.

Come and try us out – your first meeting is free so you can see whether you like us or not! We start at 7.00 pm sharp, so try to come by 6.45 pm to give us a chance to have a quick chat beforehand.

The 2018 summer programme can be found here.

The 2018 autumn programme can be found here.