Online Shorelink Week 33

So here we are, out of lockdown again, but now in Tier 2 and with most of us totally confused as to what we are, or are not, supposed to be doing. The good news is that Shorelink soldiers on regardless. This week’s optional theme was Beatles songs, and one clever and funny story – loved the twist in the end – managed to encompass eleven titles. Impressive, or what?!

I was captivated by a glorious poem which immortalised Mr Walker, a teacher in the 70’s (?) who was preparing his pupils for a possible war by allowing them to load and unload his revolver. No health and safety worries then, I guess! Then I had an email from another of his pupils from an earlier era whose family began to baulk at his descriptions of how he won the war, and I was overcome with regret that I had never known this wonderful, very British, eccentric.  

We had a deliciously spine chilling story of an attempted murder by spider, which went disastrously wrong, and a philosophical musing on being able to read peoples true, rather than declared, opinions, which reached a sad but wise conclusion. And a somewhat downbeat, but highly dramatic offering, declaring that the coming vaccine is designed to turn us into a nation of vampires. HELP, indeed!

Who could not sympathise with the frustrated lottery addict, waiting in vain for a huge windfall, or fail to be engaged by the revenge of Gaia in a rather ingenious allegory. The plea of the lonely suitor seeking a new love gave us an extremely moving poem, while by way of contrast the true description of an increasingly chaotic journey to a wedding on the Isle of Wight was hilarious. Another story tackled the emotional difficulties of moving on from a violent and unhappy childhood, and yet another effectively described being trapped in a recurring nightmare.

The second half of the WW2 story of the assassination attempt on the Duke and duchess of Windsor managed to provoke almost more questions than it answered but what a fascinating slice of history. And no week would be complete without an update on poor, besieged Alice, still surviving, though half drowned, parched and confused. But at least she is wearing her life jacket, though we are assured the benighted damsel is still naked underneath. I would so love to send her some knickers at very least…!

Great stuff, everyone, and thank you all. Next week is the penultimate one before our Christmas break, and Sian sent me this idea for a theme. I was intrigued by it, and hope you will be too. So see below:

 I was thinking about themes randomly in the middle of the night a couple of days (or nights) ago. If you’re looking for any new ideas, here’s one that came to me: 37 [then pick any unit of time you like – such as nanoseconds, hours, years, decades etc – and add it after 37 to form your title]. No idea why 37, it just popped into my head and seems as good a number as any other. It also occurred to me that lightyears wouldn’t count because a lightyear is a distance, not a unit of time (perhaps a little oddly, unless you’re a scientist or nerdy like me).

So my thanks to Sian – though I reckon if you fancy a light year, go, man, go!     Sally.   

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