Online Shorelink Week 29

This week’s theme was just a selection of some of my favourite words and a lot of you had fun with it and added in some favourites of your own. Reading through them all today I was immensely grateful for so much humour, as we learnt this morning that we are to be plunged into lockdown again. Hardly a huge surprise but enormously frustrating. Ah well. At least they can’t stop us writing.

As so often, I will start with the poems. I am delighted Shorelink has so many wonderful poets nowadays and every week brings such a splendidly eclectic mix of prose and poetry. The Somnambulist was a many layered blend of light and darkness, and Atop the East Hill an ambitious threnody to write in a buccaneering rhythm. And who could not love the Hyacinth Macaw, a glorious privateer? October Garden was beautiful and familiar, bedraggled indeed but not empty of life. And the hilarious decorticator, a word new to me, and the fate of the corset wearing lady. Definitely a poem to help us through lockdown blues.

Woodland featured quite prominently both in its autumnal glory and as a place of sanctuary and I had a strange feeling of déjà vu when reading about the somnambulist zombie couple in a country cottage, which cleverly used all the suggested words. Can’t think why it rang so many bells… Another somnambulist starred in a highly amusing tale of husband with unknown, and slightly salacious, kleptomaniac leanings.

. There was a fascinating story of a boy with aquaphobia, with an amusing twist in the tail. And, on the subject of water, a dystopian essay which managed to combine the Thames, Shakespeare and global warming, among a few other themes – mind-bending stuff! But not our only view of a dystopian near future, Dee’s journey into Utopian becomes creepier and creepier.

 Our resident satirist managed to send up Bexhill, 1066, Poldark and one of our committee members while seeming to hardly draw breath, quite an accomplishment. And while we are with satire, there was a fascinating and amusing take on the contradictions inherent in the way gender is often viewed.

We were rocketed to Bangkok for the conclusion of the tale of the search for the Eyes of Gah , and the same writer then updated us on Alice’s holiday of a lifetime. But just as she finally seems to be bonding with Carl, she is plunged into yet another potential disaster, poor girl. Will she never get into dry clothes again, we ask? (Probably not, is my guess.) And Ryan, the chosen one, is once more teleporting away from the herd of Moose in Chapter 15 of our Zombie Moose sage.

Shorelink, thank heavens, is never boring! Well done one and all. I sort of thought about Fireworks as the next theme as it is pleasantly ambiguous, (and topical) but then I thought how about A favourite teacher which seems to lend itself comfortably to fact or fiction. So you choose, or, of course, anything else you fancy.

Whatever, have fun doing it.

In spite of the dreaded lockdown. Sally

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