Online Shorelink Week 28

This week’s theme was a potpourri of animal phrases, Every dog has his day, or Pulling the Rabbit out of the hat, or The 9 lives of cats, or The eyes of the Tiger or, finally, There’s more fish in the sea, or as always, anything you fancy.

The poems which moved me most were all off theme.  Two were about the pain and joy of loving. Coup de foudre combined resignation, hope and courage, and Another night drew on the belief that love survives even death in its power to succour the recipient.  Then there was Privileged Women, which went way beyond its initial cynicism in its exploration of motives, cause and effect. All these poems were thought provoking, poignant and intensely recognisable. I felt very fortunate to be able share them.

I also loved Tiger in the night, an ironic and somewhat ambiguous take on Blake’s poem. Then I was plunged into the extraordinary fantasy world of Love Lost, a long and quite compulsively creepy poem finally revealing its central character – the werewolf of every child’s nightmare. Don’t ponder this one too late at night!  

But there was some more cheery stuff, for instance a picnic in the woods accompanied by the Bear and the Rabbit (imbibing Presco? No wonder they were so happy!), and a perfectly delightful one, written by a very literate puppy, on the family celebration of his first birthday. Another quite beautifully demonstrated the joyous relationship we have with our canine friends (Eric the pointers birthday this time!) and, not to be forgotten, we also had an extremely cultured cat who submitted a long essay on the history of her species.

A fascinating true story from across the pond described the ‘Tiger Eyes’ that drove a murderer to confess his crime, and also a fictional account of the recovery of loot, stolen by a bent copper, after 15 years hunting for it, was great fun. Then we left a spy called Johnny Derringer, along with his girl friend  Fyfee Belle D’Jour, on Hastings beach, contemplating which to give the most importance to, a smuggled load of fish or a nuclear bomb. Decisions, decisions…

A short piece described the heartlessness of telling a boy who has just lost his girlfriend that there are more fish in the sea, even while he recognises the truth of it And our resident spoof maker eschewed the theme in favour of a hilarious pastiche inspired by the return of Strictly Come Dancing which somehow involved almost every dancer from Rudolph to Fred with an abundance of references to men in tights.

A  quite charming true story recounted a little girls search for her ‘garden animals’ which turned out to be ants, snails, slugs and spiders and climaxed in her search for the whereabouts of a worms mouth. Well, I had to think, didn’t you?  And a lover of nature described to perfection the sounds and colours of autumn, culminating in a meeting with a stag, and hearing his voice, which foretold the destruction, once unknowing but now wilful, of our beautify planet. A timely warning indeed.

Alice is nearly off that boat, though in greater danger of a watery grave than ever, and from the same writer a Bond like character has just made his first appearance surrounded by bullets and bodies. Fasten your seat belts… And our continuing Moose story is now galloping along at Chapter 14, Ryan, the chosen one, has been spotted but spared, and has just met the leader of the Moon dwarves – a woman! Yeah!

Great stuff from everyone. Thank you all.

 If you have an idea for a theme, do send me it. Helen’s Bond one was inspirational. Now this is a bit off the wall, but I have some favourite words. Not for their meaning, but for their sounds. And I thought perhaps some of them might kick start those of you like a theme, so here goes: Phenomenal,  Bedraggled, Serenity, Privateer and  Somnambulist.  Choose one or all or tell us yours. Have fun with it    


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