Online Shorelink Week 27

Even as I type Week 27, I feel a sense of disbelief. Surely 2020 must be the one of the strangest years ever? And no end in sight, so thank heavens for Shorelink and our mutual abilities to entertain each other, graphically illustrated by this week’s submissions. The theme was the Bond movies, basically, choose a title from the very long list and go for it – and go for it you did!

Several of you could not resist a cocktail of all the titles, indeed one submission describing a jungle excursion, entitled it thus, and was huge fun. Fun was definitely in the ascendant this week, with JB spoofs abounding. Holmes and Moriarty continued their eternal rivalry in Bond land, and I loved the coining of the word in-humed – ie buried (get it?!). The reminiscences of the six actors who have played JB was also priceless, though I was startled to find Sean drinking beer – a reaction to all those Martinis, perhaps? Another encompassed the newest necessity in our lives, a Zoom call, to torture poor old JB. And who knew that he had a brother called Brooke, not a ‘tea leaf’ but a fisherman in a plot which involved yet another poor damsel being thrown overboard.  One had already hit the water in an ongoing story that is definitely looking to be the next 50 Shades of Grey! Really, Alice, you’ll catch your death, put some clothes on!

There was a short but witty word play inspired by Miss Moneypenny, if I tell you that the lead character was Mick Turition, you’ll get the idea. And a hilarious true life incident about a Zoom meeting (yes, again) between the PCC of a .local church and the Dean, where the red faced author indulged in some colourful language before realising his fellow Zoomers were enjoying every word. We had a ghost story, and a reflection by a would-be novelist on writing a book which involved Lesbians in the London Blitz – he did mention Sarah Walters so I guess that keeps us safe from plagiarism charges. And a story featuring a crazy plane journey over the Australian desert (Anthony Bond this time) and yes, it ends in tears.

Some were more thoughtful. A musing on the inequalities of life underlined how helpless most of us feel in the face of rough sleepers and starving people all over the world. And another imagined a memory stick which contained information which would spread and indemnify these conditions everywhere. A sort of Pandora’s Box for the 21st century.

There was a delightful and life affirming true story of a disabled girl heroically determined to keep up with her play mates, and succeeding. Lovely. And of course, the poems, raindrops viewed as diamonds (forever, of course), and the hare with golden eyes – I especially loved this, having seen my first ever hare in our garden recently, a great moment. There was a quite beautiful poem on coming back from loss and grief, and another meditating on that same fight and the gift of belief and trust.

Our moose story is really accelerating along, dwarves in the image of Disney are mining on the moon a new, and possibly world changing metal, and  Ryan and his friends continue to defend them while exploring the their history. Great stuff.

And I have left until last the story that moved me most. One of our members used the Bond images to describe his upcoming radiotherapy treatment and it managed to be funny, relevant, scary, entertaining and incredibly brave. It will stay with me for a very long time, and I know all our thoughts will be with the writer.

So, another incredible week. We had some apologies this week but still 20 contributions, every one of them splendid, and thank you all. As always, I have run the full gamut of emotions reading them this afternoon.

For next week’s theme, several related choices again, as we used to do in our workshops. You may spot a slight trend here, but how about: Every dog has his day, or Pulling the Rabbit out of the hat, or  The 9 lives of cats, or The eyes of the Tiger or finally, There’s more fish in the sea…

  Or anything else you fancy, of course. Sally

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