Online Shorelink Week 23

The weather has been so gruellingly hot again this week I wondered if some of our group might fall by the wayside, pleading heat exhaustion. But no, you are made of sterner stuff and in came the submissions, as lively and original as ever. The theme was 2 o’clock in the city and most of you chose to do it.

Once more I think shall start with the poems An all too recognisable exposition on time wasting spurred me on to start writing this blog, and then a eulogy on the beauty of roses made me stop to admire the plants growing in the small courtyard where I was sitting reading your submissions.. Next, in complete contrast, came a condemnation of the greed and obsession with money making that we so often equate with the city. And from a totally different perspective, a mesmerising and thought provoking soliloquy by the city itself.

Several of our stories had twists in the tale, almost literally in the one where the antics of a group of cat burglars turned out to be literally cats! Then there was the paper chase that led to tea at the Ritz, and the revelation that a mole had tipped off the participants by revealing the answers to the last clue. There was also the poor woman who was revelling in having been gifted a credit card, only to find it led to her being charged with murder. Another portrayed the archetypal get-rich-quick attitude of so many city workers, and delighted us with his downfall.

And what about another unfortunate, who achieved unexpected success with a photographic record of life in her city, and was gradually forced to realise that her photographs were the kiss of death for the subjects, a curse that continued down generations? Wow!  Another story gave a sympathetic nod to the many migrants crossing the channel in fragile dinghies.

We had a vividly illustrated and fun account of past Shorelink parties, and we finally had the ending of the tale set in Venice, which was worth the wait. One of our group sent us two stories, the first a late offering on last week’s theme, which mused on the price that can be paid for truth, and the other a gruesome, and possibly timely, foretelling of the apocalypse. Which leads me nicely to Ryan and Zoe’s continuing adventures on the moon and their gathering skill and courage for the eventual moose battle.

And last but definitely not least, a splendid imagining of an entire film script, set in four acts to Bartok’s music, and leading us through the seasons and the natural world with all its magnificence and contradictions. It is a piece de resistance, and I hope that one day we shall all be boasting that you saw it here first.

Next week’s theme, another from Alan’s list, is A Silent Lie.

Happy writing. Sally  

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