Online Shorelink Week 21

A tender and touching poem arrived at the start of the week, entitled Thanks for the memory and I was so enraptured by it I suggested that as our theme. I was immediately reminded that we had already done that – sorry, everyone!–and rapidly changed it to Things I would rather forget, a theme which seemed especially relevant to this  rather embarrassed blogger.

But impromptu or otherwise, it produced some sparkling work from the group.I hope my mind-slip did not inspire the poem on dementia, but even if it did, the poem was so truthful in its simplicity that several of us who have seen the illness at first hand wrote saying how much it had moved us. There was also a lovely and poignant poem on the relief of being able to share memories of a departed loved one and looking with hope to the future..And just to stop us becoming too introverted was a wickedly humourous skit on the perils of short term memory loss in marriage!

Several of the stories described somehat apocalyptic futures, though the love story between two robots shone an optimistic light on an emotionless, mechanical world. Another feared the end of democracy was imminent, and our moose hunters continue to explore life on the moon. And I thought the Bengal warrior was taking place in another time and another place until I got to the twist in the tail- superb! Another enigmatic ending left us hoping the story set in Venice, will, as promised, be continued.

We had an extremely creepy and quite brilliant horror story haunting a post lockdown holiday, and a disturbing but fascinating story centred on an old photo and examining the significance and selectiveness of memory. Martin and Sarah’s love story was an exploration of  a developing relationship and the acceptance that everyone has things they hope to forget in their lives. Memory again – and this time where it is not wanted! The remembrance of tbe aftermath of an oyster feast was all too unsettling– another horror story that sounded all too facrual!

Who could not enjoy the tale of the somewhat uptight lady at the over-sixties club who finally gets to live a little? And unusually, we had two stories which centred on a religious faith. One told of a woman’s decision to leave her life and partner and enter a cult which seems to offer her a saner world. And another describing an upbringing dominated by a very  evangelical gran.

For the usual mixed bag from a group of extraordinarily talented and imaginative writers, thank you all. It is great that everyone has come back with such enthusiasm and diligence.

Next week’s theme was suggested by our American member, Jeanne, and is Why it matters. Happy writing!  Sally.

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