Online Shorelink Week 15

This week’s theme was It changed my Life, and, as always, it inspired some inventive writing. Some of it, inevitably, was autobiographical, for example the beautiful elegy from a widower to his partner of 33 years. It would be impossible for anyone who has suffered a similar loss not to relate to this, both in its sadness and its final acceptance.

Not all life changing experiences are so huge or so sad, of course, and many of our contributions were, as always, very funny.  I was highly amused by the lament for greater techie skills –the phrase acrimonious acronyms seemed a glorious summing up of many techie terms. To balance this, we had a really uplifting celebration from a member who has just been given a laptop. Makes you realise just how life changing this techie stuff actually is!

There was terrific story concerning  an  overconfident soul counsellor who inadvertently ruptures one of two parallel lives,  and in this other worldly context I must mention the return of Alvin Adonis, still out there stirring things up in the Universe, I’m afraid.  Another short story took us on a vigorous foray into the New World Order, not in the future, this one, but in imagined past times.

There was a spine tingling, brilliant, poem around domestic abuse, and another declaring that what changes your life is how you deal with that change. There an interesting essay musing on the truth that everything we experience, big or small, changes us, which then paid tribute the lasting legacy of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in the writer’s life. And I simply do not know how to describe the fantastic illustrated globe of anodyne headlines which brilliantly summed up so much of our world today – and always, I suspect.

There was a bitter sweet rumination on the pro and cons of being uprooted from the country of your birth, and a fascinating account of the importance of Buddhism and trying to follow the Buddhist path in life. And a story of a demobbed soldier coming home to a changed and impoverished world- I was so relieved it had a happy ending. There was also a highly enigmatic contribution from America (yes, Shorelink has gone international!) concerning a film that changed the writer’s life – tantalisingly not naming the film!

A couple of us had music on our minds, there was a tribute to the group’s tendency to break into song on festive occasions, unfortunate as we are largely tone deaf, and a delightful take on the lock down to the tune of Dusty’s I just don’t know what to do with myself. (If you don’t know it, shame on you – look it up!)

We were treated to a hilarious reinvention of the biography of Atilla the Hun (don’t ask!), and another episode in the battle with the moose – our heroine lives! And Alice, our continental traveller, seems to be getting more and more out of her depth, I fear for her safety in the next instalment.

We also had a lyrical tribute midsummer’s day, beautifully illustrated. And I have left until last the lovely tribute to Shorelink and all our members, because I was so moved by it. Thank you. And indeed, once again, thank you all.

Kate has chosen our theme for next week and it is: A Pinch of Salt.  That should make for some tasty submissions. (Sorry, couldn’t resist it!)      Sally.


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