Online Shorelink Week 14

I knew when I saw that Debbie’s theme for the week was ‘What if’,  that we would have some fun with that, and I was not disappointed.  Reading through the week’s contributions, I have been amused, educated, enlightened and thoroughly entertained. Where to begin among so much excellence – and without running out of adjectives?!

Perhaps with the reworking of history. Following a reflection on how much the country would have changed if the Battle of 1066 had been won by Harold, there was a splendidly heroic reimagining of that battle, embodying a considerable amount of research. And who knew that the site was once called The Grey Apple Tree? Certainly not me.

A couple of longer pieces left us on cliff hangers, the whereabouts of the heroine of the Moose saga unknown, and the baby dragon in the elegiac forest facing… well, hopefully we shall find out in the next instalment. Our continental traveller was given a brief break while we visited a very strange village, and another writer took us on a bear hunt.

We Shorelinkers have a running joke concerning one member’s obsession with nuns (the result of a Catholic education?) and this was poetically parodied hilariously. There were two poems envisaging a world reborn, one saw perfection and the other was a retrospective on wishes made and the possibility or desirability of changing them. Food for thought?  There was also an amusing and thought provoking poem on the Witness Protection Programme. And illustrating the range and capability of our members, one submission was a dark, gripping story of abuse and fear, which was so brilliant it was hard to shake off.

There was charming article on the received behaviour of humans and the sometimes inbuilt restrictions that stop us achieving our true potential, and oh yes, yet another story from our favourite punster involving nuns ( OK . it was very funny).  And a rather clever 2 line summing up of the causes of the pandemic.

The student with the maths problem was an autobiographical tale and I loved the equation it finished with: 20mt+i=story. A brilliant and affectionate summing up of the Shorelink workshops! Another true story was the delightful journey through early romances to a long and happy marriage. And yet another which I suspect of being factual was not only an interesting wander though the writer’s earlier experiences but a fascinating take on gender and privilege.

It is quite impossible in these brief blogs to sum up the versatility and talent that comes in every week. In some ways, it has been even more highlighted by our online efforts than ever. Though I shall be SO pleased to see you all again eventually!

But for now, on to next week, when the theme will be: It changed my life.

And off we go again! Sally


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