Online Shorelink Week 12

The contributions came in thick and fast this week, inspired by Alan’s theme – described in my previous blog. I think there were rather more aliens than murderers, though it was a close run thing, and a lot of rather amiable aliens which was a comfort.  And I would like to begin by saying what a pleasure it was to welcome back two of our number who have been absent for a while due to health reasons, and I am sure I speak on behalf of our whole group.

Where to start when trying to sum up the work? With some rather splendid poems I think. I loved the Gothic morality tale, and also the delicate musing on humanity’s state, and was deeply moved by threnody outlining the difficulty of adjusting to a new life, but was heartened by the glimmer of hope at the end. There was a delightful and uplifting take on the lock-down via Auden’s Stop all the clocks, and a sad meditation on the fall of a sparrow.

I enjoyed the time travelling grandson and the dry reaction of his relative, which was mirrored humorously in a couple of other pieces, and also the charming tale set in Gensing Park which had the added bonus of filling us in on some fascinating history. And who could not enjoy the suggestion of a pandemic virus spreading love around the world– bring it on! Or the deliberately laborious path of one member from imagining an alien invasion to a simply terrible pun?

It wasn’t all space invaders, we had some impressive murder stories as well, one with an excellent twist in the tale, and another presenting us with a conundrum, ie could the unseen witness to a gruesome killing simply pretend he had seen nothing, or report it and thereby  become inevitably involved.

Two of our writers, in engagingly different ways, envisaged an alien sent to save us from ourselves, interestingly one of these was the only female alien. Food for thought? There was a hilarious description of one huge extraterrestrial being crammed into a Morris Minor, and another about creatures from outer space kidnapping and then returning human women – this was surely a Chapter One to be continued?! (Sorry, that’s an in-joke’!) And we await the next instalment of the latest wonderful William stories that we all love so much.

In fact several of our group are going for the long haul, there was the second instalment of the story concerning the cult in the forest and the mannequin in the stream, the third chapter of the European mystery, and the latest update in the battle to defeat the moose – how’s that for diversity?!

Great stuff, everyone! Next week’s theme is At the time of the new moon. Did I just hear a wolf howling…?

Virtual hugs to all from Sally


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