Online Shorelink Week 11

As the group is aware, there was no Online Shorelink Week 11 as the administrator (OK, it’s me) decided to skive off for a few days. However, I am now returning to the fray, refreshed, energised and looking forward to reading this week’s contributions.

Alan has provided us with the theme for Online Shorelink Week 12:


With a busy working week it’s important to have a hobby that takes you to a different place and pace. Something relaxing, in the wilds of the country, so quiet even the wildlife do not know you’re there. A keen angler hidden in thick bushes, witnesses the murder of a man by two others in a small motorboat. What happens next? 


In a Scottish forest, snugly hidden in your bird hide you’re in paradise. You have seen more rare owls, hawks, eagles in one week than you have seen in a lifetime. With dusk making things dim a pale green light grow brighter and brighter, hurting your eyes. Into the clearing, seemingly stepping out of the green radiance stands an alien. The size of a large human man, it slowly scans the landscape, it can’t see you can it? Tell me more. 


Your idea

  Thanks, Alan   Interesting!       Sally

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