Online Shorelink Week 10

I sat in the garden this afternoon reading through this week’s contributions and found myself ruminating on what a gifted bunch of writers you Shorelinkers are. Well, OK, I knew that anyway, but sitting in the sun reading through 18 pieces, one after the other, I was metaphorically blown away by the sheer variety of this week’s work. The theme was Waking up in a cave with no memory, and nearly everyone chose to do that.

It inspired an unusual amount of poetry, nearly half of the submissions, and much of that was quite beautiful as well as deeply thoughtful. There was an eerie, expressively illustrated, reflection on our presently invisible cities, but the same writer also sent an uplifting elegy to a gorgeous rose. And perhaps that rather sums up the breadth of our feelings at the moment.

We received a heart wrenching threnody describing the plunge into blackness caused by the death of the person you love the most, and the slow reaching for the light, which reached deep into the emotions of many of us.

We mused on at a delightfully abstract fantasy of a purple haired girl in a veil, pondered on the spirit of the Shaman working through the cave painter, and were caught up in a long poem which turned the theme on its head by speaking of the memories of caves, which led to an essay on the meaning of suffering, whilst questioning if there actually was any meaning.

Of course, we had the lighter stuff as well. A great comedic look at the Beatles and Cilla’s first gigs at the Cavern, an ironic take on the advent of Covid 20 followed by Armageddon, and a perfect terrible (but funny!) pun combining cheese and bears in caves. (Work it out for yourself!) And a great skit of the current recreational cult of Escape Rooms.

Our moose hero was in great action man form, but happily still surviving, and we left another male protagonist with a naked lady in a cave (did I imagine something fishy going on here?!). Both of these stories are to be continued, we are told…

Our newest member gave us a nice melding of fact and fiction, set in WW2, and we left yet another cavorting in a cave with a friendly dragon named Basil – what else, indeed? And yet another used the caveman theme to send up some of his fellow members – hopefully they enjoyed it! In fact, we were treated to our usual agreeably eccentric miscellany of offerings.

As you know, this Monday is a Bank holiday, which has little meaning at the moment, but in normal times would have meant we were not meeting. So I thought perhaps a short break might still be good for us all, and am not setting a theme for this coming week. I will, however, ask Alan, whose workshop it would have been the week after, to choose the new theme for the following week , beginning June 1st.

I hope that is OK with everyone. Thank you all for your writing, your support for me and each other, and your wonderful continuing friendship and constant encouragement. You and your writing help to make this lockdown bearable.

See you next Sunday, when I will send out Alan’s theme.    Sally

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