Online Shorelink Week Seven

This week’s theme was What’s that Sound? and unsurprisingly several of the poems mentioned the Thursday night clap, when most of the country goes outside to clap and shout and generally raise a cheer for our beleaguered but heroic NHS workers. One of the hardest parts of this lockdown is giving the week some structure, and that national celebration is welcome landmark on our somewhat bland horizons. This week was special indeed as those of us who stood in the rain applauding were rewarded with the sight of a wonderful, vivid rainbow – the sign of hope from ancient times.

Hope was reflected, not only directly in some of the pieces, but happily also in the humour and downright absurdity of much of the work. The father trying and failing to shut out his children’s voices on a long car journey and the wonderfully eccentric brother, who when not blowing up the garage was filling it with hungry reptiles, were two examples of this. A wonderful, humorous, duologue, set presumably somewhere in the 50’s, on the merits (or otherwise) of the radio programme Housewives Choice, took daftness to new levels, as did the tragic-comic poem of the amputated toe.  And hard not to love our favourite fantasy character, Tac, slowly learning to read and too shy to ask his young wife where babies come from. A treat indeed.

We had plenty of action, as well. Terrorists in the desert foiled by a drone, the moose hunters practicing martial arts, as well as the animal population fighting off a black bear. Of course, we had our serious side as well. An enigmatic reflection on the quality of silence, golden or otherwise, and a beautiful poem on the loneliness of bereavement, as well as another poignant but hopeful one on a similar theme. And a quite brilliant scream on the inherent anguish of being born female.

I am, as so often, blown away by the variety and quality of your work. Thank you all. Tomorrow is theoretically a Bank Holiday, only relevant because we would not have been meeting, so, ergo – no set theme. So Ro and I decided that, in view of the upcoming 75th anniversary of VE day, and the inevitably somewhat muted commemoration, there was only one possible theme.

Yes, you’ve guessed it: We’ll meet again.   What else could we possibly come up with?

Until we actually can, and do – I am looking forward to reading all your contributions, which are helping to make the lockdown bearable! Thank you all. Sally



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