Online Shorelink Week Six

This week’s theme, which most of the group followed, was Winner Takes All, and, as you might expect the contributions ranged from the comic to the heart-wrenching. The beautiful weather and the flowering of this glorious spring obviously inspired some of the pieces, proving once again that it takes more than an outbreak of plague to dampen the Shorelink spirit.

I think I shall begin by mentioning some of the stories that were rooted in nature. Who could resist the tale of the nearly tame hedgehog, trotting (do hedgehops trot?) up to a back door every night for her supper, not only un-phased by a thieving fox but eventually bringing her offspring to the garden café? And this was illustrated by a charming photograph of Mrs Tiggywinkle and her progeny. Wonderful stuff!

One of our members treated us to eleven Haiku’s, and another impressive picture, this time of a seagull. Yet another gave us a fable on the nature of evil, sadly attributed to mortals and their affinity with killing. To balance this was a delightful, true account of a carer making a game out of self isolating for  her charges with learning difficulties, which led the writer into a paean of praise for the way the majority of people have reacted to the present difficulties, a convergence that perhaps our country badly needed.

One more true story was about the coming together of special needs children at a sports day, and their instinctive bonding with the loser, waiting, helping, and then crossing the finishing line together with linked arms. An essay in the power of love and empathy. Not sure the same could be said about the poem where two naughty sisters tricked their brother into an embarrassing outing – but even there the mutual love shone through.

There were some splendid stories, a delightfully sinister one of an embryo gambler not quite losing his circus of animals, a highly amusing one of a failed matricide and the unexpected consequences, and totally off-the-wall (so Shorelink!) set in the land of Agogagog about (wait for it) the Leather Workers Best Dressed Goblin Competition. Is there no end to your imaginative talents? Well, obviously not, as this was followed by one set in the land of Zimzim-Zamador peopled by angels and devils conjured up by their bored prince.

Then Chapter 11 of our favourite Moose story left us wondering who is watching our hero, Ryan? And, indeed, why?  I am sure we will be enlightened soon. And we had another chapter in the ongoing novel set at the turn of the century – always a good read. We had our more serious side. I loved the poetic musing on the workers on the Bayeux Tapestry, and the somewhat less poetic musing on mortality from a member of the group facing a very minor operation

I had just sat down to do this blog when we had a domestic catastrophe, and it was 90 minutes before I resumed, so forgive me if this is a bit patchy, but to sum up the week’s work, as always, you did good! Thank you.

Looking forward already to receiving next weeks, and Dan has chosen the theme, which is: What’s that sound? I can almost hear those little grey cells gearing up!


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