Online Shorelink Week Five

I can hardly believe we are in the fifth week of this lockdown, in fact I had to look back at our web site to check. I think I probably speak for the whole group when I say that Shorelinkers have definitely brightened our days with all the submissions for this week’s theme, The Music of my Life.

The theme lends itself to reminiscence and one of the bonuses has been learning new things about each other. Two of our members wrote about parents involved in Am Dram and music hall and the legacy of musical memory’s that this left their offspring. Also another two of you belonged to groups in the 60’s and 70’s, happily both successful enough to look back on with affection.

We had a variety of poems, a charming piece about a schoolgirl using phantom music lessons to avoid the hated physics ones, and a bitter sweet one of a waiting for the right partner.  Also a short piece describing a musical farewell to a lost love. And on this theme, our moose story diverted into new territory with a thoughtful  look at relationships, both romance and bromance

Spring played a huge part in our writing this week. Somewhat ironically, as so many people are restricted and having to stay indoors, we are having a glorious spring. We are lucky enough to have artists in our group and we were gifted from one of them with two wonderful drawings of bluebells this week, as well as a riveting fantasy poem about a thousand antlered deer. And there was another song of spring beautifully summing up the annual unfolding of nature.

There was fun as well, of course.  A story of the chiming of music and nature which was also full of hidden musical references – clever stuff, that! And another that held us to the very end before revealing that the chief protagonist was only six years old! Yet another took us to a virtual pub quiz – a popular way of meeting friends at the moment – and the quizzers Eurovision experience of null point!  A splendid black comedy about Physcho-killer was finally revealed to be a dream, phew!

A couple of you were enthusiastic enough to send me two pieces, one pair, in their different ways, thanking everyone who is helping us through these daunting times, and the other pair, a much more cynical poem on the origins of Covid 19 and a pastiche on the music of Status Quo.  All human life (and opinions) are welcome, at Shorelink!

So, onward and upwards we go. Next week’s theme is Winner takes all, and the following week I will ask Dan, whose workshop it should have been, to set the theme.

As always, thank you all. Your commitment to the group means more than I can say.  Sally

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