Online Shorelink Week Four

I guess this is the strangest Easter Day that most of us, or possibly all of us, have ever had. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we have almost all managed to wish each other  A Happy Easter, and reading through this week’s submissions today, with thanks to the same technology,  certainly provided me with a special celebratory lift. So thank you, Shorelinkers! Which brings me neatly to the week’s theme, set for us by Ana.  It was simple and inspiring. Write a thank you letter to someone, anyone, and be creative. And my goodness, you were.

One of us decided to thank every member the group for being there –with a single sentence outlining their virtues (and quirks!). It was a delight, funny but also truthful and heart warming. Another was a tribute to the vivid imagination of a member who entertains us weekly with his animal stories, and their somewhat over-enthusiastic feasts! And there was a  very clever alphabetical piece praising the glories of nature.

As nearly always, the humorous contributions outweighed the more serious, which rather reflects our real-life meetings, I think. After all, our motto is Laughter is an essential part of the creative process, and whether or not you agree, it works for us! Three letters from outrageous and mercifully fictional firms dealing (or not!) with some positively surrealistic complaints made me quite literally cry with laughter, brilliant stuff. And the paean of praise for the architect-designed pyramid which was to incarcerate the Egyptian mother-in-law from hell was hilarious. As was the forced naivety of the gruesomely murderous wife, to say nothing of the sacrificial offer to the ‘Holy Pope ‘. Probably best to gloss over that one in these politically correct times

Some were more serious. A beautiful unfinished fable, (looking forward to reading the rest of that),  an existential look at endangered species and creativity,  and two separate tributes to the  person in the writer’s life who had inspired them both to read and to write. And a beautiful and thought provoking ode to the ocean and the human abuse of it.

Our moose story continues, with a very apposite argument between the Chicken – I wondered if that was just coincidence? Either way, it worked well. I must also mention the funny and highly inventive thank you to the English language – and so say all of us!

I hardly like to add yet another vote of thanks, but I shall anyway – to Ana for coming up with the theme and for all of you for rising to the challenge of it.  Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, of course, but you need not think I am letting off the hook. No chance. Ro and I have set next week’s theme: The music of my life. Interpret it in any way you like – a favourite piece of music, a piece that changed your life, or the music that reflects various periods of your life – oh, come on, you know what I am saying. Heads down, enjoy- I look forward to reading them all.    Sally.


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