Online Shorelink

As we are unable to hold physical meetings at the moment, Shorelinkers made the decision to continue our group activities online until the corona-virus is finally defeated. For this inaugural week, our theme was Guess who’s coming to dinner, though as always following the theme was optional. The contributions have been coming in thick and fast, and I have laughed and cried and been delighted with the sheer quality of the writing.

How to sum it up? Well, with great difficulty, but I shall do my best. Here goes.

Inevitably, several of the stories contained culinary references, some more bizarre than others. And there HAD to be a reference to a soggy bottom, didn‘t there? I would certainly have been disappointed otherwise but thankfully Mary Berry was only mentioned as an undesirable guest! The dinner parties described largely regarded the food as an afterthought, as you would expect, the guests were the core of the stories.

There was a heart breaking story of a family meal where a mother saw the ghost of her much loved and .long dead daughter, and a poem where the angry young son of a widowed mother tells us just how he feels about his mother’s suitor. And an unexpectedly poignant one about an aging hippy and his dog preparing for their last meal together. And, talking of last meals, there was of course, as a reflection of these strange times, a reprise of the biblical last supper. This one took place on Hastings Pier and for the assorted guests the end was definitely nigh.

This unexpected reading week replaced Mandy’s workshop which had been based on inspiring us through fairy tales, and that definitely resonated through a lot of the stories here, so your work was not totally wasted, Mandy. There was a very bloody take on Red Riding Hood, a foray into a heavily disguised but doomed Babes in the Wood, and even a party with some drunken mice! Makes you wonder a bit about our culture, doesn’t it?

There was a splendid sci fi skit on robotics, a hilarious poem about stock piling loo rolls, and a piece comparing the lack of manners by birds at the feeding tables with the current scrimmage in the supermarkets – funny but sadly all too true.

Dinner party guests included the Pope and Donald Trump – regretfully not together. Though there’s a scenario to think about! And a delightful satire on the misunderstandings caused by not letting someone finish their sentence.

Not everyone wrote on theme, the moose story revealed an unexpected expertise in boxing strategy, and there was a lovely philosophical poem. And another splendid poem on the story of Ambrogio and Siliene –if mythology is not your bag, google them!

I can only thank you all for your wonderful creativity, and for your determination not to be beaten. Onward and upwards, next week’s theme, as on the programme, is The Stolen Corpse. Agatha Christie, eat your heart out?!

Looking forward to reading them all. Sally xxxxx



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