Brian’s Workshop

Brian began by distributing a picture of a bridal couple, probably from the 50’s, which showed the groom holding the hand of a small child. He then gave us ten first lines from various young poets, and asked us to use one or more of these to prompt our creativity. With twenty minutes to write in, it was, as he meant it to be, challenging.

We began with a woodland tryst involving almost every animal that ever walked our woods and a few more beside and  it was an amusing and picturesque start. Then for something completely different, a poem on the nature of how we view our own image. Called The Mirror it was unsettling but deeply lyrical.

This was followed by a delightful essay consisting of a child’s memory of sitting on her father’s shoulders. The detailed description of the clothes he was wearing and the feeling of security he engendered in his daughter was poignant and endearing. To stop us becoming sentimental we were then treated to a portrait of the child in the wedding photo as a successful serial killer, having already seen off the first two wives she was already musing on despatching this third one. Great stuff – I had another peek at the picture and thought I could see a demonic gleam in the bridesmaid’s eye!

The next one suffered from being cut off as the author ran out of time (Brian was very fierce at ordering us to stop – none of this writing on through the break for him!) so we never did find out what happened to the family in the Morris Minor. So, onward and upward to a scary tale of aliens kidnapping humans and a race of half human half robots becoming a deadly combination after some creepy machinations.

There were more, of course. Memorably, the one involving a sort of Fifty Shades of Grey  scenario and a samurai sword – we are never boring at Shorelink. But we touched on ghosts, house moving, the origin of the Windsor Knot (look it up if you are that young!) and more memories, imagined or otherwise.

Thank you, Brian, that was a good evening. Next week, still at Tesco for a reading week the optional theme The Importance of Obedience.

See you there. Sally

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