Jenny’s Workshop

Jenny’s workshop was intriguingly entitled What really happened next? and was both challenging and great fun. She gave us some first lines from popular nursery rhymes and then asked us to choose one and rethink its usual story line. The titles ran from Old King Cole to Little Bo Peep, with Georgie Porgie and Pussy cat, Pussy cat and many others  stimulating our creative juices.

We kicked off with gusto as little green men with ray guns landed on planet earth, and imprisoned the population. We left them desperately hoping for the appearance of an empowered resistance. Jack and Jill came next and this was a lighter tale involving boy scouts and toasted marshmallows, really Enid Blyton stuff. Then came a wonderful but heart breaking piece on loss and redemption   However, in true Shorelink fashion, the atmosphere conjured by this was resoundingly cancelled out when followed by a gruesome tale involving an overactive cat and many dead mice.

Moving swiftly on, we had an unlikely romance involving a fly fisherman and an elderly female. I would like to say this was charming but parts of it made my toes curl in a not good way! Then another fly story, which managed to be both more existential and even more revolting simultaneously.

Actually, it was quite an evening for exploring the more repellent side of human nature, though fortunately in an amusing and certainly highly original way. As always, I have skimmed over the evening’s contributions as there were far too many to detail. Armageddon, worms from outer space, a daring car chase, an MI5 agent, all these figured and more. And we finished in spectacular fashion with creepy drama involving the disappearance of Jack and Jill from the top of that hill…

Thank you, Jenny, a great workshop. And thank you everyone for your usual innovative input.

We are at Westfield next week for a reading week, the optional theme In the darkness

Looking forward to some spine chilling stuff, I reckon.


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