John’s Workshop

For the first time ever, due to so much illness in the group, we had to cancel our inaugural meeting this term. Happily, we are almost all restored to health and hopefully it is now back to business as usual. So John’s workshop was our first of 2020, and a thoroughly workmanlike and thoughtful job it was, too.

He had prepared numerous slips of paper, all with four different sentences or ideas on them. These were passed around the table and we picked the one that appealed to us most to write about. The subjects ranged from obdurate photo copiers to marauding vampires so it would be fair to say that there was something for everyone, I reckon. Heads down for twenty minutes while imaginations run riot.

John kicked off the read back with his own take on a miniaturised world, very small people and very large disasters were involved. It was followed by a wedding tale with unexpected guests, and soon after was a delightful pastiche on the world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Then came a robust one on the housing situation in Battle and the difficulties suffered as the town is overrun with vampires, to the consternation of the writer. But he was somewhat compensated by being married to Esmeralda, an especially exotic vampire.

Another writer arrived home to find his house in darkness and ransacked by burglars. Except it wasn’t. He had mistakenly entered the house next door. The return of Robert the rat, who has appeared at Shorelink before, saw him still pleading his unlikely innocence from his prison cell, and the story involving a very large lady army driver of a mini caused some definitely politically incorrect giggles.

The narratives came thick and fast – a paean of praise for the The Great British Bake Off, oh, the themes were many and varied as John intended . Dragons, internet click-bait, aliens and yes, at least a couple more vampires.

Thank you to John for all the work you put in and to everyone for making it all so entertaining. It is good to be back. Next week is a reading week and the optional theme is Awestruck.

Should be fun! See you there. Sally.


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