Our Christmas Party!

Once again, we celebrated Christmas with a splendid meal at the New Inn in Westfield. It is always a rather special Christmas treat, as not only do they decorate the room so beautifully, (crackers and all!) but the whole of Westfield is ablaze with all manner of festive lights, to say nothing of reindeers, snowmen, singing Santa’s and just about everything you can think of appertaining to the festive season. Even Scrooge would be hard put to remain unmoved!

It was a joyful evening, great food, much laughter and chat, and we marked Daniel’s upcoming anniversary with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday! It was also an evening of surprises as Stephen and Jenny were taken aback to be presented with floral tributes as a token of our thanks for all their work in organising our celebrations, and I was floored but delighted to receive a wonderful bouquet of flowers.

So once more, thank you all for being there, and contributing so much to Shorelink throughout the year. I firmly believe our group is very special, and you all are the people that make it so.

Happy Christmas to you all, and here’s to a creative New Year. As a certain young gentleman once said: God bless us, everyone!

See you all back at Tesco on January 6th, when it will be Ro’s workshop.     Sally

One thought on “Our Christmas Party!

  1. I wish you all a happy Christmas and happy health new year. Good to read you all had a great Christmas party. Take care Josie

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