Helen’s Workshop

You definitely need something entertaining as a reward for braving these cold dark evenings, and Helen’s workshop fitted the bill, inspiring some engaging stories. She asked us to imagine ourselves in a café, where someone was sitting alone at a corner table, engrossed in some kind of work or activity. Then you notice they have left, but something of theirs remains behind. It is up to you, the writer, to decide what it is, and also why you pick it up and rush after them – only to find, of course, that they have disappeared.

It was a tantalising scenario and we had fun with it. The first two stories had coincidentally decided that the discarded object was a dog. But the resemblance ended there – one was a cute pup looking for an owner, the other a large and deceased dog in a carrier bag. Moving swiftly on, several stories decided the item was a bomb including one very amusing one where the heroine rushed to drown the explosive item in the sea where it can do no harm, only to discover too late that it was a fake.

There was a memorable tale of a mermaid who was phobic about sea shanties and a delightfully witty piece that managed to pun on several members’ names. The objects found ranged from lottery tickets to a radio transmitter discovered in a loft revealing that long ago tenants had been German spies in WW2.  Then there was the bag full of forged £50 notes, and a, definitely politically incorrect but very funny skit, about the televising of a suicide. There were more. Somehow Bambi starred in one, and a holy man called Obadiah Rasputin in another, and we finished with a quite creepy doppelganger.

That’s a taste of a typically bonkers but creatively satisfying Shorelink evening, I reckon. Thank you, Helen, and well done.

Next week is our last meeting at Tesco until the New Year. A reading week, the optional theme is They lived in an allotment shed. And the week after will be our Christmas party.

See you at them both! Sally

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