Alvin’s Workshop

Have you ever received an invitation that you absolutely did not want to accept, but weren’t quite sure how to refuse without seeming ungrateful? Well, who hasn’t? (Rhetorical, no answer required!)  That was the basis of Alvin’s workshop. And he wanted our refusal to conjure up all sorts of senses and emotions, especially mentioning smells, whether revolting or pleasantly evocative.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly will guess which of those options most of the group plumped for with their usual relish.

We began with a bevy of gangsters promoting an eternal youth potion permeated with peppermint, and this quickly evolved into a horror story. Needless to say neither the potion nor the antidote worked and before long witches were rampaging through the land. To keep our spirits up (unintentional pun there) that was followed by a ghastly ghost story featuring  buckets of  blood, death and  disaster.

The events to be avoided were uniformly colourful, and many of the excuses involved animals, woolly sheep, magpies, platypus, alligators and aardvarks (of course!).  A majority were located in the countryside though there was a very creepy one set in a tunnel   And the smells described ranged from river mud to Gorgonzola and all stages in between,

A couple of hilarious horror stories were offset by an ode to Glasgow, and a delightful insight into how our creations can become an essential part of ourselves. And perhaps most memorably, a lovely poem on the importance of not undervaluing oneself.

Once again, thank you to everyone, and most especially Alvin for a thoughtful  and productive workshop.  We are at Westfield next week, optional theme He can’t even boil an egg.

See you there. Sally


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