Stephen’s Workshop

Stephen presented us with a list of over thirty place names, almost all of which were amusingly unbelievable  I mean: Deadman’s Bottom, Dicks Mount, Fanny Barks, and Droop, to name four at random, who knew? Rhetorical question – obviously the people who live there, but not most of us.

So, said our task master, absorb, be stimulated and write. He was obviously taking no prisoners so we obediently picked up our pens. Then, I must admit, most of us spent some moments cogitating, but finally the familiar scratching of ball points and the clicking of keyboards was heard..

We began with a slightly melancholy but lyrical tale of a couple coming to terms with grief for the loss of a baby. Their sojourn in a country hotel, the Rest and be Thankful (yes, a bona fide place!) eventually helping them to bond and begin to recover was a riveting piece.  This was followed by a tragicomic one featuring Donkey Town, and another tracing the reason why a town might have changed its name from Chemical after a gas explosion, to Marsh Gibbon– or was it Crapstone?!

Yes, before you ask, all the italics here are real place names, no kidding!

We had a delightful duologue with a passerby asking for directions while tracking relations, and as another that involved a complicated journey. I lost count of the many places mentioned in these. Another tale was a eerie fantasy involving some very scary animals (16 legs, 10 tails etc!) at Horrid Hill. A black comedy took place at Rotten End where two victims of the local Lothario combined to lure him to a sticky end.  A house move to Nasty, was followed by a hilarious sketch where a gang of criminals planning a heist all bore the names of places such as Catbrain and Fattihead,

There was a thought provoking piece on the plight of Tibet, inspired by Broken Wind, and a couple of wonderfully Gothic tales involving fog and monsters and ghosts and witches and scarecrows, and we finished with Stephen’s own creepy autobiographical account of journeying  through  a dark tunnel aged just 13!

As always, I can never do justice in this brief blog to the inventiveness of the writers, but thanks to you all and especially to Stephen. At Tesco again next week, and the optional theme is When you have a caravan you have a life.

I wait to be convinced– but am sure I’ll be entertained!

See you there. Sally

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