Sian’s Workshop

We have all held, or attended, social gatherings at some time in our lives– you know the kind of thing– big public ones (often for a collective protest nowadays) or small intimate family parties. And all stages in between. Sian came up with the idea of asking us to choose one and write about it, while sketching in a picture of the attendees and highlighting one particular emotion among them.

The gatherings described were inevitably varied. We began with a Swamp Park, a dubious animal filled tribute to a greener England, and followed this with a house warming where the neighbours were less than ideal. The overwhelming emotion projected in both of these was anxiety, especially from the organisers. Next we had a poem, and then Sian read her own take on the subject while admitting she had broken workshop rules by doing it in advance. We forgave her as her story of a rapist doing the rounds of Fresher weeks and drugging student’s drinks was so good. And chilling. And we loved the ‘revenge is sweet’ ending.

There was another tale located in a college, before we travelled on with a limousine chauffeur into the world of pop and a largely disorganised star. This was followed by a stag night in a strip club, and a church social that somehow involved two deaths, one of a vicar and one of a bell ringer-–both described with great relish.  (I worry about our group sometimes…)

Our most fervent foodie described a gluttonous feast with assorted animals gorging on their favourite repast until we finally begged him to stop. This was followed by an essay on family one-up-man-ship – a graphic illustration of schadenfreude, as the guests out-boasted each other.  It was a perceptive portrayal of the nastiness of middle class snobbery, inverted and otherwise.

There was a poetic and thoughtful piece on the gatherings of earth, moon and sun, and a wonderfully bonkers one involving Gustav Holst, the West Hill, a trombonist and an aardvark concert. Never let it be said we are boring! This was followed by a party involving almost all the major cartoon characters in 1947, especially Tack, of course. Then we had speed dating, a school reunion, and a wedding that did not go as planned, to the great relief of the bride.

Our workshops are always intended to make us think on our feet and write under pressure, in other words to get the creative juices going. Thank you, Sian, you sure achieved that, and it was, as always, fun.

Next week we are at Westfield for our second 500 word evening of the year, and the optional theme is He called himself a doctor, but

See you there, Sally xx





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