Another new year – it may be a cliché , but it seems hardly any time since we kicked off the 2018 autumn term with our traditional start of year quiz.  I guess (another cliché here) time flies when you are having fun! And for all the chaos surrounding us, (thank heavens for the ‘no politics’ rule) when we close the doors, shut out the world and begin our sessions, we do have fun.

Yesterday evening we divided into three teams for what was mainly an Art and Literature quiz, with some occasional side-stepping into more general knowledge.  The three teams competed as Vanilla Cheesecake, The A Team, and Enormous Integrity, which will give you some idea of how seriously we take the whole business. As always, we were sometimes slightly sidetracked down other avenues, ie a discussion of the difference between the books Invisible Man and The Invisible Man (look it up!) and a brief wander into Charles Dickens most famous first lines.

But mostly we stayed on the strait and narrow, and although the participants were close, Enormous Integrity were finally declared the winners and therefore privileged to lead the rush to wash up our coffee cups.

A reading week next week, the optional subject Never let the facts get in the way of a good story – as if we would.

See you at Tesco,   Sally.

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