Sally & Ro’s Workshop

Our last workshop of the term – time sure does fly! Ro and I wanted to come up with something that was fun as well as, hopefully, inspiring. We found a set of 50 postcards displaying illustrations of the many Enid Blyton adventure stories. You almost certainly know the ones, as merely mentioning  The Famous Five, and The Secret Seven is enough to spark most people’s memories of these frightfully middle class kids having ripping adventures! And the books are still in print and selling today, so it is not only generational. Which was fortunate for our workshop.

We began by passing the cards around the table, and followed this with a list of popular phrases of the time. Oh, golly gosh, I had a absolutely spiffing time researching those. Cries of jolly good show reverberated round and then it was heads down and write. And, yes, the assorted results were quite definitely fun.

We began with a hunt for a group of suspected smugglers that turned out to be party goers celebrating in a flashing lighthouse. Then we moved on to a charming tale featuring Bunblekins who thought he had died and gone to heaven when his boat hit the rocks. (Apologies to him if his name is misspelt!)  We moved swiftly on to a childhood reminisce of a holiday in the New Forest, especially a quite painful one involving a bicycle and a broken elbow. Ouch!

Next was a delightful pastiche of that long ago world of boys in short trousers and gum boots, and lashings of pop – all absolutely super duper. The stories came thick and fast, many of them involving the dare devil cliff edge rescues of a variety of stranded people or animals, our heroes always being fearless and inventive, of course. Though occasionally they ended up on the wrong side of the law and in the magistrate’s court, perhaps holding up the post office was taking a game a bit far, but it was a fair cop. Or a rum do, perhaps!

We had spiffing hols with scrummy picnics, inadvertent but exciting trespassing, gypsy caravans and English villages with wonderful names. We briefly went back to the enchanted adventures we would all have loved to have had, in an enchanted England that never actually existed outside the covers of those books, and it was a delight.

So thank you all for joining in with such gusto,, and a huge thank you to Enid Blyton, who illuminated so many childhoods and still does.  We finished the evening by having to bid farewell to a Shorelinker who is off to the other side of the world. We presented her with a’friendship’ book. in which we have all been writing messages covertly for some weeks. So Nancy will have something of Shorelink in her rucksack on her next journey. God speed and au revoir!

Our last meeting of term next week at Tesco will be our AGM. I shall try and get through the business speedily and then we shall have a fun quiz. More fun? Of course. As we Shorelinkers say Laughter is an essential part of the creative process!

Hope to see you all next week.  Sally

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