Debbie’s Workshop

Debbie gave us a classic workshop, a great example of how simple ideas often inspire the most varied work.  She laid out various illustrations, photographs and pictures, from a selection of magazines, and asked us to choose one and basically see where it took us. As so often, due to our numbers, we had a mere 15 minutes to write as we had to leave time for the read back. I will not be able to do anything like justice here to the excellent stories and poems that were produced, but here’s just a taster

We kicked off with a rather gruesome murder story with a twist in the tale, followed by a creepy story involving a broken down car and solitary night- time walk in the woods. We knew that wasn’t going to end well, and it didn’t. This was followed by an adventure at sea that lead us into ominous waters (see what I did there? Sorry!).

Just as we were beginning to need some light relief, along came a bewitching anecdote featuring a beautiful white barn owl, and then a wonderfully sardonic comment on a certain royal’s driving skills. I loved the idea of HM rushing around in an invalid carriage. A change of mood then, with a reflective poem on the state of humanity and its future. If any.

There was a splendid one about an accidental discovery of cosmetic regeneration, another concerning an aardvark football team, and one about a dicklegerber which I became convinced must be true. That may say more about me than the writer. We had a cat-munching mouse, a Hastings dance group, a philosophical crow, a lovely one about a child’s trip to see dolphins, and a skit on the perils of automation. And more. Lots more. The evening finished with a poem by Debbie herself on the changing seasons.

Thank you, Debbie, for another delightful evening and to everyone else for your versatility and talent.

We are at Westfield next week, a reading week and the optional theme is Guess who’s coming to dinner? See you there. Sally


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