Kate’s Workshop

Kate’s scenario was as follows: You have just moved to a new home and are exploring the attic, where you find a box containing a cine projector and a reel of film. There is also a note …so please read the note, then set up the apparatus and play the film

The workshop was a voyage in nostalgia for us older members, but fortunately she had provided a photo of a cine projector so the younger ones could get their heads round this strange, pre-smart phone,  object from the past.

And what stories we were treated to, it was certainly an inspirational idea. One was a last will and testament spoken to the camera, which turned into a rather gruesome confession. Another found some clues to Santa’s secret store but was ultimately frustrated by ruining the film, and yet another featured a new householder who didn’t quite make it, breaking several bones as he fell off the ladder going up to the attic

An adopted girl found her own image reflected back to her, and then there was the rich recluse who had used the film to play a backbreaking trick on whoever should find it. A couple of ghosts figured, co-incidentally two of them bearing some resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, and another (unnamed) movie star whose flickering image would have made the finder rich if only she hadn’t ruined the film.

As always, there were a variety of tales featuring animals, spiders, a tiger, and some marauding mice definitely appeared, along with shadows and screams, the creepy and the heart warming, all there in abundance. Kate finished by throwing light on a bit of – filmed, of course – history. Those dipping cranes as Churchill’s coffin passed up the Thames on a barge. Who knew the men had to be paid to come in and do it? Well, we Shorelinkers do now. That’s one fairy story unveiled.

It was a quite delightful evening, full of energy and invention. Thank you all, and especially, of course, Kate. Tesco again next week, unbelievably the last meeting of term (though we have our party still to come, of course). Where, oh where does the time go? In doing some good writing, I suppose.  Which brings me to the optional theme next week which is I am not a ghost, you are! Evocative of a certain Dickensian Christmas story? Let’s hope so.  Sally.




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