500 Word Evening

We had our first 500 word evening in March, and it was so successful we decided to repeat it.  Once  again, we were able to have it at the New Inn in Westfield and treat ourselves to a delicious 2 course supper at the same time – necessary for keeping  our collective strength up!

I asked for some emails saying how members felt about the event, and below are some of their (slightly edited!) comments:

What a convivial evening – as always full of fun but with the added pleasure of a good meal!  It’s surprising what can be packed into 500 words – sometimes it seems that less is more.

We were saying on the way home that we thought it was the best evening yet at the New Inn. Really enjoyed the stories and the staff surpassed themselves with both food and service. An interesting and wide selection of stories and styles. Thank you to everyone involved in arranging such a splendid evening.

 Well, what can I say that hasn’t already  been said!  How about  ‘marvellous food, excellent friendly service, scintillating stories and lovely people!’


I really enjoyed the 500 word evening. I liked the story about the slugs (an interesting perspective), the one about the lost socks (a fun idea with a twist of surreal) and the piece about smells and tastes. Also your story about your childhood, in which your reminiscences about your grandmother reminded me of my own amazing ‘Grandpa’ too.

500 words is enough to ‘get your teeth into’ without it being too long-winded.

I agree with every word! And would like to add my own special thanks to our hard working administrator and our acting treasurer, and to Patrick and his lovely staff at the New Inn’

Back at Tesco next week for a reading week, and the optional theme is Who’s eaten all the prunes? Best of luck with that! See you there. Sally






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