Ro’s Workshop

Ro’s workshops are always popular and last night was no exception. It was an unusually straightforward one for our resident joker. He gave us a list of collective nouns, some he had made up and some that were real, and it was very hard to tell which was which. But our task was to write a piece that included some or all of them and also to make up a few of our own.  Some of our examples were: a drone of vicars, an odium of politicians ,a twitter of nuns, and a body of pathologists. I am sure you get the idea. Warning, it becomes a bit compulsive. I had to have a blood test today and found myself wondering as I waited if the suitable collective was a haemorrhage of phlebotomists – so beware!

Everyone fell to with a will. Because of our numbers, there was a mere 15 minutes to write in, and as always the standard was amazingly high.. We kicked off with a poem that managed to be funny and rhythmical and really rather lovely, so good in fact the rest of us were slightly intimidated. But not for long. The offerings came thick and fast and were a great demonstration of the power of imagination.

There was a poem based on the abstraction of artists, a splendid one featuring a TV evangelist (sorry, can’t remember the collective noun), but evangelist was one of the ones we were asked to invent a collective for and the suggestions were many and various. I also loved a Beatitude of Beatniks, and there was a delightful story around an Expectation of Princes starring a pair of dogs called Prince.

And what about the surrealistic autobiography of an ice cream?! Enough to make sure you never bit into a cornet again! As always, so many memorable pieces, a children’s story complete with giants, an essay on Hastings as a sin free city (!), a fairy tale of sorts ending in  a pay off, a cheeky story of PYO contraception, and even one involving a German u-boat in 1945.  And quite a few that were both simply and complicatedly, a play on words.

So, yes, it was fun, and it did stretch us. Thank you, Ro. Next week is a reading week, and optional theme is Where do we go from here? Should be interesting to find out. We are Tesco again, see you there. Sally



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