Stephen’s Quiz

As old hands will know, we always start the new Shorelink year with a quiz. This is partly because it is a fun way to kick off, and partly as a tribute to Bill, who died suddenly and much too young, and was responsible for the idea originally. Every year we remember with a mixture of hilarity, horror and affection his inaugural quiz, which was on the Periodic Table. Having survived that, we figured we could survive anything.

But when I read through Stephen’s quiz, delivered to me a few days before, panic set in again. Do not misunderstand – it was a splendid set of questions which he had obviously laboured over with considerable diligence and imagination. It was just that it was, well, hard. Indeed, very hard.

Stephen had taken the precaution of going on holiday so I was unable to discuss diluting it with him. I posed a couple of the questions to a fellow Shorelinker, and after a stunned silence, she said: Have you thought of making it multiple choice? I hadn’t, but I fell on the suggestion like manna from heaven. Every spare moment in the next couple of days was spent turning each answer into three possible answers. Ro piled in with gusto, and some rather unprintable suggestions.

The result, judging by last night’s response and this morning’s emails, seems to have been a hugely successful evening. There was considerable laughter and some stretching of the little grey cells, and at the final count, out of approximately one hundred questions, between the  highest and the lowest of the three tables competing, there was a mere four points!

So well done everyone, especially Stephen. Thank you, you did good!

Next week is Ro’s workshop, and we are at Tesco.  See you there. Sally


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