August Update

August, as always, has whizzed by.  We had our first garden party on the 12th and ironically, the day before, found ourselves worrying about the weather. After seemingly endless weeks of tropical heat, rain was finally forecast. Although our parched gardens certainly needed it, we crossed our fingers that it would hold off for one more day, and our luck held. We had a delightful afternoon with a garden full of both human and (extremely well-behaved!) canine guests.

Sadly, along with the darkening skies, the next day brought us some bad news. One of our life-time members, now living in Wales but never long out of touch, is very ill indeed.  And while we were still absorbing this news, our second garden party had to be cancelled at the last minute due to the sudden illness of Tony B, our host, happily now improving. He, and the hospital, are now cheerfully fending off an avalanche of Shorelink visitors.

So it has been a strange summer for Shorelinkers. Sorrow and celebration, worry and relief. But we are looking forward to our new term starting again in two weeks time, when we shall, as always, kick off with a quiz. And hopefully the start of a productive and creative new year for us all.       Sally




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