John’s workshop

The Shorelink adage of ‘simple is best’ was again illustrated in John’s excellent workshop last night.  He gave us two very evocative sentences, The day before the big event, and The day after the big event, and suggested we wrote about one or both.

Twenty people scribbled for twenty minutes, and the results were as varied as the writer’s personalities. The first was a wonderfully humorous imagining of the morning after our summer party, with Shorelinkers in various states of inebriation and undress lying around Tony B’s garden. Many of our peccadilloes were highlighted here and there are no prizes for guessing who was found with the ‘scantily clad nun’!

Coincidentally, this was followed by a hilarious ‘hangover’ poem,  and then a piece on Georgie Best, so alcohol was beginning to figure prominently one way and another. But the next piece was a duologue between aliens with a poignant twist in the tail, not a drink of any kind in sight. Then we were off, covering everything from a nuclear holocaust to a church fete that involved the MU mud wrestling, taking in  several Armageddon scenarios along the way.

I can’t really do justice here to the Fijian fire walk, or the Havana honeymoon, or the many typically eccentric but quite thought provoking pieces. One lament to a missed opportunity stays in the mind and I hope writing about it helped allay the sadness.  More typical was piece with a moral – ie DON’T get tattooed when drunk, as the resulting art work might come as something of a shock when you have sobered up.

It was another great evening, actually proving that we don’t need any stimulants to have fun and to write well. Our last workshop this term, thank you, John, we enjoyed it.

Reading week next week, optional theme:  She never really likes shaking hands, however…

See you there, Sally



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