Debbie’s Workshop

I have been especially looking forward to Debbie’s workshop as it had to be postponed last year. But it was worth the wait. It was something of a double edged pen as Debbie gave us a large (37) selection of phrases from well-known works of literature to use  in any way we fancied, and then we gained  extra accolades for identifying their origins.

The ensuing efforts reflected the diversity of the chosen lines. There were more poems than usual, but as there were quotations from such inspirational poets as Stevie Smith, John Donne and Emily Dickinson, that was hardly surprising. An also-ran named William Shakespeare was in the mix somewhere, as well. One member, with enviable poetic vision, had strung together many of the phrases to make a long and quite extraordinarily beautiful poem. And then there were a couple of delightfully lewd and rude ones to keep the balance!

The stories were many and varied, starring, among others,  a lap dancing Mother Superior (!), a hilariously  inefficient shepherd, (this in spite of his tutelage from the pommy phrase book), and some farting family relatives. We also had a blood stained stately house, and a brilliant political sketch throwing a new light on the Wilson government. Then there was a heartfelt plea for respite care for spaniel owners – oh, I am SO with that one! And many, many more.

I am often asked what is the secret of Shorelink’s creativeness.  I have absolutely no idea, but last night was once more witness to the inventive osmosis that typifies the group. Thank you, Debbie, for stimulating our imaginations so thoroughly and so enjoyably.

Reading week next week, optional theme, Afternoon Delight, (as I wrote that, I suddenly wondered… no, don’t go there.)    And we are at Tesco.      Sally.



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