Alan C’s workshop

Alan C’s first workshop for us really was ‘something completely different’ – and it was great fun. But it also managed to stretch our minds and imaginations in a very literary and literate way. He presented us with a list of 30 unusual and sometimes archaic words and asked us to devise definitions for them. The more  bizarre, the better. Just up our street, really!

I can only touch briefly on the combined levels of inventiveness as our creative juices ran riot. But I will try to give you a few examples of the nearly 500 which were read back.

Stramazon: A huge online shop

Tentigo: A skin condition that is 10 times worse than any other.

Zarf: A pound of tuppenny rice, and this was followed by Schwa, a pound of treacle

Fulvid: Binging on a box set

Fragus: An American loses his aftershave, ie Los Fregas

Hadal: Another tribute to our friends across the pond, as in the greeting ‘Hi doll!’

Scrobe: A dyslexic copyist

Prunt: A very small pig.

Perigon: Someone who nearly, though not quite, gets everything right.

 Jocalia: A cheerful version of Oedipus’s mum

And to finish this very abbreviated list –

Vum: A few of us are old enough to remember an iconic scouring powder named Vim that  was virtually obligatory in our childhood kitchens, and had some fun with that.

 Stop Press: I have just discovered (isn’t the net wonderful?) that Vim is not only still available, but prospers, so I have to hope the makers won’t sue me for relegating it to the dark ages.

So, once again, an enjoyable and ingenious workshop – thank you, Alan, it was great.

Reading week next week, the optional theme is Times they are a’changin’, and we are at Tesco. See you there.  Sally.


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