Chris 1 and Chris 2’s Workshop

Now this was a cracker of an evening! Over the years, Chris and Chris (affectionately known as Chris 1 and Chris 2) have combined their talents to give us some notable workshops.  Will we ever forget docilely queuing and donning white gloves to examine an antique book allegedly on loan from the British Museum?  Or the final denouement when it transpired they had found the tome in a charity shop for 20p?!  Sorry – these are rhetorical questions and, as so often, I digress. Back to yesterday’s workshop.

They began by reminding us of those often tiresome speeches made by the recipients of awards. Then they asked us each to draw two folded pieces of paper, one hiding the name of an award, and the other the identity of a famous person, the supposed winner of the award.  We then had twenty minutes to write the celebrities’ acceptance speech, though they were allowed to decline as long as their reasons for doing so were expressed. Laughter rippled through the room as we perused our unwitting choices.

Some were easier than others. Prat of the Year was won by a certain Richard Bransom, Miserable Old Git by Dame Edna Everage and David Attenborough discovering enough speed when pursued by wild animals to win Sports Personality of the Year were among those that teetered on the edge of a strange kind of reality. Actually, Dame Edna reappeared, also winning The Pigasus Award, (look it up!) proving in doing so that at least one of our members has a hilarious aptitude for mimicry. Sadly, the evening also proved that many of us struggle with accents, but those pieces were all the more funny for that!

It is difficult to sufficiently sum up so much inventiveness in a few paragraphs, but bend your imagination to Mohammad Ali accepting the Nobel Physics Prize, Boris Johnson receiving the Bafta, Prince Philip the Oscar or the Queen The Diagram Award – OK, so I didn’t know either, so to clarify, One was accepting the award for writing ‘the book with the strangest title’. We had our more sober moments, Marilyn and the Darwin Award was a touching elegy to a much missed lady.

With a range of celebs from Elvis to Fanny Craddock and a stunning diversity of awards for them to flounder through, it was a vastly entertaining evening. It also brilliantly served the purpose of all our workshops, which is to make us think and write in a context which would often be alien to us. Very well done, Chris x 2, I am already looking forward to your next one!

Next week we are at Tesco again, and the optional theme is a Message from Space.

See you there. Sally


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