Kate’s Workshop

It is something of a mantra with our group that as far as workshops are concerned, ‘simple is best’. A brief and clear instruction gives us a longer time to write as well as testing our imaginations. So it was with Kate’s workshop, the task could hardly have been more concise – write a piece that begins Once upon a time there were three…

It was heads down and we were off, scribbling frantically. It was, of course, our choice of three ‘whatevers’ that set the shape of our individual efforts. And they were undeniably varied. We began with a very touching piece concerning three autograph books. Then carried on more mundanely with mountains and forests, both of which invented a threatened tribal world, though in very different ways. Then we listened to a beautiful piece involving the three wise men.

The following stories involved wizards, writers, cats, space stations, fairies, Samurai, Walt and two of his Disney character. And bearded trolls and active sphinxes. To name a few.  I must not forget, ( how could I?) the three transgender platypi – I am told that is the plural of platypus.

And then there were the three shopping trolleys, glued together in the car park, remarking acidly on the shopping habits of their users. I should mention that one of the trolleys suffered from agoraphobia.  Only at Shorelink, I reckon…

It was a splendid evening, stretching our imaginations considerably. Which is, after all, the point. Thanks, Kate, we loved it.




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