Stephen’s workshop

A new term, and a cracking workshop to kick us off. Stephen handed us three paragraphs that could have been the start of a novel, a short story, a film script – just about anything you wanted – which finished on a note of suspense, ie: a car gliding through an urban landscape and suddenly the window is lowered and the barrel of a weapon protrudes… dot, dot, dot indeed! Off you go, he said, what happens now?

And didn’t we have fun deciding! (No, it doesn’t have to be a question mark there, it’s rhetorical. So there.)  The occupants of the car were described variously as cat burglars (making some very strange cat noises), Morris dancers, trans-directional time warpers looking for interstellar agents, and the Murkey family, who seemed to have a preoccupation with Christmas lights.

Other scenarios had the barrel, and ultimately every single weapon in the world, firing chocolate (yum!) instead of bullets, another somehow managed to encompass a group of Mexicans grateful to Trump for building a wall to keep the Americans out of their country. The fantasies came thick and fast, a moped serving cheese burgers, a spaceship and ray-guns, an eight foot tall snake, a teenage cliff hanger, and, of course, gangs and heists. And much, much, more.

It was a typical crazy but inspired Shorelink workshop . A terrific way to kick off the New Year. Thanks, Stephen.



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