In Praise of Administration!


Our Christmas party at the New Inn at Westfield was, as always, a terrific evening. The room sparkled and shimmered with delightful decorations, and the under-floor heating made it wonderfully toasty, the perfect antidote to a cold winter evening. The food was delicious, and more than one person expressed amazement at how course after course arrived piping hot. The staff are not only helpful and friendly, but also super-efficient!

We started the evening with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday as it was a dual celebration for one of our members, and that set the tone for an evening full of laughter and good cheer. Our thanks, not only to the New Inn, but to our treasurer and secretary, and perhaps most of all to our administrator, who does sterling work making sure we receive  the menu choices we selected some weeks before and have, of course, long since forgotten.

She provides us with a written reminder on the night, but as the wine flows and the noise level rises, between courses her small figure can be seen rushing up and down the room shouting such immortal phrases as Who ordered the smoked venison?

Happily, she sorted us all, and it is my fervent hope that she managed to enjoy the evening herself. We love you, administrator!! And we thank you!

And love to you all, and a very, very happy Christmas from Sally

See you next year – 9th January, Stephen’s workshop, at Tescos.


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