Tony M’s Christmas quiz

Wow – so Christmas has come round again, there’s just no stopping it, is there? A rhetorical question, of course, with a resounding answer of Hurrah for that!  I think I can say on behalf of most Shorelinkers that any excuse to celebrate is good, and what better one is there than this festive season? OK, I’ll call it a day on the rhetoric now and get on with telling you about last night.

Tony M’s Christmas quiz has become one of our traditions, a fun way of ending the term and a break from the (sometimes) serious business of trying to be good writers.  But these questions strained our little grey cells as well as occasionally stretching our credulity (in a good way!).

Some examples here from the first round of cryptic clues to decipher, all the answers are things around the home at Christmas:

  1. Appointments
  2. What connects Father Christmas and a barber?
  3. A joy in Ankara

Answers at the bottom of this blog – but you get the idea. There was a round on Lapland (yes, really) and a True or False one. Another was on Famous Quotes  –  though Obscure Quotes was probably a better description – and a music round. No quiz from Tony would be complete without a music round! Six rounds in all, and all great fun.

In response to a request from our quiz master, who was himself disguised as Santa Claus, most of us had made an effort to turn up in festive gear which added colour to the proceedings. We had a splendid evening. Thank you, Tony, great stuff – here’s to the next one!

This was our last meeting at Tesco until January 5th, when we shall kick off with Stephen’s workshop. And next week is our Christmas Supper at Westfield, looking forward to seeing you all there.

And the answers to the cryptic clues were:

1 Dates

2 Parsnips

3 Turkish Delight


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