Tony B’s workshop

My goodness, this was a ticket to ride down nostalgia way! Tony presented us with about one hundred and fifty 1960’s song titles and asked us to use some of them to create a poem or a story. Well, this is Shorelink and we do like a challenge, so with one accord we set to and used as many titles as we could cram together for our pieces.

Most of us managed to use something between thirty and fifty titles, while producing a wide variety of  stories, encompassing tales of love (both frustrated and fulfilled) philosophical treatises, biographical essays and, in two cases, political rants, each inspired by the election of America’s next president. Shorelink is strictly non-religious and non-political, so it is probably just as well that the views of the two authors of those pieces were diametrically opposed!

It was a fun evening. It could have been a hard day’s night, but I’m a believer, and I think we let the sunshine in! And to crown our efforts Tony rewarded the writer with the most titles with a bottle of sparkling…something.

Congratulations and thanks, Tony.  Next week’s (still at Tesco) optional theme: Rumour has it that Humpty Dumpty was murdered. That should bring out the worst in everyone.

See you there. Sally


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