Alan’s Workshop

What was your bubble moment, asked Alan.  Perceiving our confusion, he then elaborated. A bubble moment is apparently a moment that stays in your mind forever, a wonderful, rainbow coloured sparkling memory. He gave us the choice of fact or fiction, but without exception we chose fact, after a moment of unusually silent communal contemplation.

Alan had set the scene by describing a bubble moment his daughter had described. Braking sharply to avoid a stag standing majestically in the lane, she watched as a doe and her three fawns ran across, before the stag dipped its head to her and followed them into the bushes. A magic moment indeed!

We began with a story of unrequited love which nevertheless contained a moment of sheer blissful bonding. This was followed by a delightful story of teenage innocence betrayed by a lie, but then the joy of the adolescent who used this situation to his advantage. There followed some hilarious language/translation misunderstandings in Malta, and a heart warming tale of a mother and daughter rift mended in an instant.

One of the most graphic, and possibly literally rainbow coloured, pieces was about three   teenage boys who went on an acid trip and lived the psychedelic fantasy so reminiscent of the 70’s. Probably fortunately, when they came down to earth, the havoc they had caused, trashing the room they were in and themselves, put them off drugs for life.

Most of the pieces were less destructive, a telescopic seascape, a first (possibly only?!) parachute jump, a lovely one about almost accidentally acquiring a dog, some Halloween moments (of course) and a rendering of I’m forever blowing bubbles.

There were a child’s naive memories of WW2 and a delightful story of a commission to make a posy to put in a special loo that Princess Diana might use – and we are assured she saw the floral tribute!! There were more of course. One of those evenings where we learnt all sorts of stuff about each other.

Fascinating. Thanks, Alan, that was great. Reading week next week.

See you there. Sally.


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