Sian’s workshop

This was a nifty idea – Sian had taken an assortment of topics and statements, ie  So glad you are here, and linked them numerically with their opposite , ie Just go away. Then she divided us into 2 groups, and we alternately had either the choice, or the left-over topic, to write about. As she said, a kind of ‘secret Santa’ for writers.  It worked splendidly, producing some inspired pieces.

We read our oevres back in their numbered order, kicking off with an exotic piece involving a guardian angel charged with guarding a person who then decides to sell their soul to the devil in order to win The Great British Bake-off, thereby making the angel less than angelic. Lovely stuff. This was followed in quick succession by a bloody story of wife-murdering, a woman morphing into a tiger, and a tale involving trolls, especially one called Fred.

There was a rather sinister one about ‘secret Satan’, and others involving a Dickensian nod to the Cratchitts, a mouse escaping to the country, a ghostly take on Homes under the Hammer, and another concerning a mermaid and a toy boy. But just to prove that some of us are quite normal, there was also a delightful take on the widow’s mite, about a lady who gives away her last 50p.

There were others, of course, too many to mention. But hopefully that’s a flavour of the evening, which, as always, was highly inventive and involved considerable laughter. Many thanks to Sian, great idea.

Next week we are back at Westfield for the meeting, the optional theme is The Scandal in Bexhill. The mind boggles. See you there.  Sally


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