Alvin’s workshop

Alvin kicked off with a very intellectual concept. He told us that when given a choice of 6 decisions, the brain’s 100 billion neurons will immediately swing into action and have a preference. Now, I have no idea how true that is, but Alvin swears it is scientifically proved. And who am I to doubt this? Alvin gave us our 6 different scenarios and ordered us to write promptly on the subject that most drew us in. And, of course, we did.

Several of us were summoned by tiny demons who appeared in our homes. One especially inventive tale had arctic explorers dropping through a worm hole to appear miniaturised by her bed, and another travelled seamlessly through an anecdote involving the X files and Las Vegas. The scenario that had everyone stamped with the date of their death (from birth) evoked some good stories, perhaps especially the one who survived it because he discovered he was a robot, and was sent off to spend eternity looking for the other 2000 experimental robots. And a philosophical examination of whether living forever meant you could live life dangerously, as you were never going to suffer the ultimate fate.

There was adventure and suspense in a restaurant, schizophrenia in our attitude to a loved one, (a very funny descent into abusiveness here), and a delightful skit by a gardening obsessive on Monty Don, though for heaven’s sake, for a minute Nigel was threatened – no, unacceptable, we cried!

There were a surprising number of us who latched on to the idea that a world without glasses, ie through blurred vision, might be a doorway to another world. Everything here from discovering all-seeing, absolute knowledge, to falling out of bed onto your cat. It was, as always, inventive and fun. Where else can you hear about Atilla the Nun (yes, that is Nun) and a blind date with Julia Roberts, all in the space of a couple of hours?

Great workshop, Alvin, thanks.

Next week’s optional subject: Do nothing until you hear from me… Have fun!

See you there.    Sally.



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