Quiz Whizzes!

Summer break over, the Shorelink term began last night with our traditional ‘start of the year’ quiz. It is both a fun way to kick off and a tribute to the late Bill Myers, who initiated it some years ago.

As always, there was a definite leaning toward literary questions such as ‘who wrote…’, ‘what are the following first lines from’… and ‘in which books did these characters first appear…’.  well, after all, we are a writing group. However, the quiz setter (me!) was very conscious of previous – though totally undeserved, I reckon – accusations of the questions being too highbrow or even, just possibly, too difficult. So this year there was a round on animals in films, and, yes, another on Carry On films.  Never let it be said I don’t listen to popular opinion. Though I did remind the assembled company that one of Bill’s quizzes consisted of 50 questions on the periodic table. Too difficult? Moi? Never!

It was, of course, all great fun. Much hilarity, three teams closely matched, a riotous send off to the term, and a chance to get accustomed to our delightful new venue.

Next week is a reading week, the optional theme for those who prefer to work on a given subject is: What do you mean it has started ticking? Could be an explosive evening.

See you there. Sally


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