Fun in the sun!

Can hardly believe that the new term is nearly upon us. But what a delightful finale to our summer break we had yesterday at Tony B and John’s lovely house and garden in Hastings Old Town. Like so much in Hastings, it is a hidden treasure and you have to know it is there in order to find it, but that adds to its charm.

This was our second summer garden party and once again the weather was perfect. We sat under an awning and were entertained on the purpose built stage by those Shorelinkers with enough energy and talent to do so. Supported by Alvin, Tony M started by singing some of his own songs, notably the wonderful Toy Museum, and also the song he wrote especially for Shorelink, Inspiration. (If you would like to hear this, there is a link to it on the bottom of our Published Works page.)

Then Alvin and Yvonne gave us a brief but very funny poetry slam, followed by our host himself, Tony B, in the guise of a radio reporter for Shorelink news. He described vividly President Trumps (!!) visit to the UK and the Beckham’s new house in Hollington. Leaving us reeling from this, he then guided us through to the recovery room, otherwise known as the dining room. And here a feast awaited us. My goodness, it was quite wonderful, not only the huge variety of food, but cooked and served inventively and, perhaps even more, with loving attention to the Chair’s considerable dietary limitations.

We staggered back into the sunlight, (replete would be an understatement), to be led by Helen in a song that none of us were familiar with, possibly including Helen herself. It was both brave and hilarious, Ro described it as ‘the mass choirs of the chronically uninformed and the incurably tone deaf’ but what fun it was!

Then we had some more songs from Tony M before handing over to Alvin to sing us out. Ro and I had to leave at this point and, for all I know, Alvin is still there singing his heart out. A quite lovely afternoon, thank you, lads!

Back on September 5th for the start of term quiz, don’t forget we have moved venue and slightly changed times. Any queries about that, just email for clarification. See you there.



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