A pity about the cakes…

The gods really do smile on Shorelink’s summer parties – yesterday was our garden party at  Ro’s and my cottage in Brede, and, once again, the sun shone down on us. Our garden had somehow managed to survive being flooded early in the summer and starved of water since and was gaily wearing a lot of her seasonal colours. As the proud owners of three dogs we gave up on any hope of the grass staying green some years ago, but as there were two more dogs among our guests yesterday, I don’t think anyone either  noticed or cared.

The dogs are something of a feature of this party, because although their writing skills leave something to be desired, we make them associate members for the day and greatly enjoy their charm. This is Shorelink’s party for relaxing in the niches and natural arbours that are part of the garden, chatting to old friends and getting to know new ones better.

I must say a special thank you to Helen and Stephen for their very tasty additions to the food, and here is a confession. I am, as most of you know, a non-cook. But I do always make one of the few things that turn out OK, some cheese straws, for this occasion. Otherwise, we rely heavily on Mr Kipling, except that Ro, who is a very good cook, makes a couple of splendid cakes. This year’s were delicious fruit cakes. The only problem was that he didn’t remember to put them out! So, sorry everyone, I guess we will just have to eat them ourselves. It’s a hard life…

Ro and I would like to thank you all for your delightful company, and also for the wonderful flowers you gave me. Our house looks and smells quite magical today. Our last party this summer is at Tony B’s in two weeks time. What fun!    Sally



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