We began the evening, as our constitution dictates, with our treasurer’s report. Tony B gave a fluid and comprehensive summary of our finances, bringing them up to date for us. By one of those historical quirks our financial year ends in March, so every year he is required to do some nifty footwork to keep us in the picture. Basically, our finances are sound and many thanks are due ,and were given, to Tony for his judicious management of them. We are very lucky to have such a conscientious and efficient treasurer.

As Chair, I endeavoured to give a wide-ranging resume of the year, which has been a very satisfactory one, with an active and thriving membership. It was good to have several of our members who have suffered illness this year back with us, and also to be able to report that Frank and Linda are settling well after their move to Wales. I read Linda’s poem Freedom about her cliff top walk, and told the meeting that they had both sent their love to everyone.

Our fortnightly workshops produce consistently good work , and it was good to be able to mention the four books published this year, one by Sian, one by me and two by Tony B – where does he get the energy, what with treasuring, gardening, walking the dogs and even throwing the Shorelink summer party?!

The main business of the evening, which took place in the Tesco Community Room in Churchwood Drive, was to discuss re-locating our group to this venue. We have been having many problems with the RVS Centre recently, and had reached a point where some of us were beginning to feel it was no longer a safe choice. We held an emergency committee meeting at the end of last month to discuss this, and as a result held our AGM here so members could see for themselves the excellent facilities.

The group agreed unanimously that we should move to the Community Room when term restarts on September 5th. There are occasional dates when another group has priority to meet there, but we have been offered alternative accommodation for those evenings which we have accepted. I will make sure that everyone is kept updated on this.

The committee and its officers were re-elected en masse and we finished the evening with some mouth watering snacks (provided by Tony B – is there no end to his talents?!) and drinks various. And lots of chat, of course.

Next week, our end of term supper at The New Inn at Westfield. Looking forward to that. See you there.     Sally



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