Irmina’s Workshop

This was Irmina’s first workshop for us and also the last one of term. I think it is fair to say that we learnt more about each other last night than in all the previous meetings put together. As this was Irmina’s intention, it was definitely a highly successful enterprise. We were tasked with privately choosing one person from the group that we didn’t know much about, and then writing about them. Obviously, this could either have its roots in the few facts we already knew, or could be a sort of wishful thinking fantasy.

The crux came when we read back our pieces, and the group had to try and guess who was being written about. There were some revelations here. The biggest shock of the evening came relatively early on, when a rather exotic previous life was credited to one of our quieter members. Unveiled, no one was more startled that the author of the piece to discover that he was not that far from the truth, proving that still waters often do run very deep.

On the whole, we were rather good at guessing who the author was describing, though the Spanish dancer and bull fighter who gallivanted round the world left us all guessing. But once, again, the subject did turn out to have been round the world, though not in so flamboyant a guise. There was also a splendid vision of one of the group as being of royal heritage, this somehow involving a Rottweiler and a poodle, but I lost the plot at this point. Amazingly, we still guessed the intended target, however!

During the evening we discovered that we are indeed a cosmopolitan and well travelled lot, many of our members having lived, as well as travelled, abroad.  In some ways it was quite a contemplative evening, as we talked about the paths that had led us to Shorelink, but I hardly need to say there was considerable hilarity along the way.

This was fascinating and inventive stuff, Irmina, a great way to spend the last workshop until September. Thank you.

Next week is our last reading week, optional subject Eric, the all dancing but never singing parrot. Best of luck with that! The following week, 18th  July, is our AGM, and if you are not sure of the venue for that, please contact me. Then it is onwards and upwards to our summer festivities –two parties to look forward to and our Sunset Supper at Westfield.

See you there. Sally.


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